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What is Detailing?

  1. What is detailing?
  2. Why should I detail my car?
  3. How often should I detail my vehicle?
  4. Why choose a mobile detailer?
  5. Why should I choose Water Spot Mobile Detailing?
  6. How does your mileage thing work? How far will you drive?
  7. What about those prices of yours?
  8. I have a motorcycle/RV/boat/limousine etc. How much would you charge to detail it?
  9. Will you try sell me something my car doesn't need?
  10. What about those nasty chemicals you detailers use?
  11. I've been cleaning my own cars for years. How could you possibly do a better job?
  12. I'm thinking of selling my car. Why bother detailing it?
  13. I lease my vehicle. Should I bother doing the leasing company a favor by detailing it?

Prepping and Washing

  1. I have bugs/tar/grease/gum/worms on my car-how do I get it off?
  2. Can I use kerosene, lacquer thinner, or acetone on my paint?
  3. How do you get those doorjambs & door hinges so clean?
  4. I heard you shouldn't wash or wax a car in the sun?
  5. Is it okay to use dish soap to wash my car? What kind of wash soap do you recommend?
  6. Do you prefer wash brushes, sponges, or wash mitts?
  7. What is the best way to dry my car after washing?

Waxing, Buffing, Paint, and Plastic Care

  1. Someone told me that buffing is bad. Is that true?
  2. What are swirl marks, and how can I get rid of them?
  3. How often should I wax my car? What kind of wax do you use?
  4. I heard you shouldn't wash or wax a car in the sun?
  5. What kind of wax is best?
  6. What about sealants?
  7. What about the lifetime sealant the dealer put on my car? Or the lifetime sealant I saw on TV?
  8. What about that wax with Teflon I saw in the store?
  9. My car is clearcoated. What does that mean? Does it need wax?
  10. What is a gel-coat fiberglass? What about other types of fiberglass and composite panels?
  11. What is glaze?
  12. Is it okay to wax or buff a car that was just painted?
  13. How can I tell if my car has been repainted?
  14. I have streaks & cloudiness in my car's paint. Can you remove it?
  15. When removing wax, I always miss spots. How do the pros avoid this?
  16. What's the deal with those microfiber towels that are all the rage?
  17. I waxed my car, and now the plastic trim has wax on it that won't come off. What do I do?
  18. I have a scratch/chip in my paint. Can you take care of it?
  19. Do you recommend rubbing compound for scratches?
  20. Do you do wet sanding and paint touch-ups?
  21. What is claying?
  22. What is orange peel?
  23. What is oxidation?
  24. What are crow's feet? What is crazing?
  25. What is spiderwebbing?
  26. The paint is peeling off of my car! What can I do?
  27. My plastic trim is faded and dull-what can be done to rejuvenate it?
  28. I have plastic parts that need polishing. Can you do that?

Paint Problems and Paint Contaminants

  1. What is etching?
  2. I have tree sap on my car. Can you remove it?
  3. I have stubborn brown specks (rail dust) on my car. Can you remove them?
  4. I have baked-on brake dust on my car. Can you remove it?
  5. I have overspray on my car. Can you remove it?
  6. I have road paint on my car. Can you remove it?
  7. I have lime spots on my car. Can you remove them?
  8. I have water spots on my car. Can you remove them?
  9. I have fallout/acid rain damage on my car. Can you remove it?
  10. I heard that bird droppings are bad for paint-is this true?
  11. My car was covered with wet leaves for half of autumn and now it has etch marks and stains on the paint. What's up with that?
  12. I want to throw eggs at cars on Halloween. Can this cause damage?
  13. I have stickers/pinstripes on my car. Can you get them off?

Engines, Tops, Wheels, Tires, and Trim

  1. I thought getting my engine wet was bad. How do you clean engines? And are silicone dressings bad?
  2. Is it true that chrome isn't really chrome anymore? Why is the chrome peeling off of my emblems?
  3. How do you care for gold plating?
  4. What do you use to clean wheels? Do you remove wheels for detailing?
  5. What can you do for aluminum rims?
  6. What about mag wheels? How do you care for those?
  7. What about other types of rims, and hubcaps?
  8. How do you clean tires? How about whitewalls and white letters?
  9. Should I have my car undercoated/rust proofed?
  10. How do you care for convertible tops?

Interior Care

  1. I can't get the pet hair off my upholstery when vacuuming. What's the cure?
  2. I have gum/candy/etc. on my carpeting. What can you do?
  3. What's the best way to clean seat belts?
  4. After cleaning my seats/getting my seats wet, there are white marks and powder on the fabric. What is that from?
  5. What can you do about bleach marks on upholstery?
  6. What about carpet dyes?
  7. Do you remove seats for shampooing?
  8. My buddy puked in the back seat. Will you clean it?
  9. My car got wet/had a spill/etc and now has an odor I can't get rid of. What can I do?
  10. What can you tell me about that lifetime fabric protector someone tried to sell me?
  11. What is ozone odor treatment?
  12. What about cigarette smoke odors?
  13. How are headliners cleaned?
  14. What's the best way to clean the windows?
  15. I broke off the defroster tab/rear view mirror while cleaning the glass. What do I do?
  16. I used a razor on my windows and now there are scratches in the glass. How the heck did I do that? How do I remove scratches in glass?
  17. What is your opinion on Rain-X and similar products?
  18. What can you tell me about steam cleaning?
  19. Do you use Armor All? What do you use for dressings?
  20. I have shoe scuff marks on my door panels. How do I get them off?
  21. My leather seats need TLC. What can you do for leather?

Minimum purchase of $2 / mile driven round trip; please inquire for mileage distance from your location. Small / Medium / Large / X-Large pricing applies to vehicle size; please inquire as to which size your vehicle fits. Boat, RV, & Motorcycle pricing done by estimate only.