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FAQ: What is Detailing?

  1. What is detailing?

    Detailing is the systematic cleaning, reconditioning, protection, and rejuvenation of your vehicle. An auto detailer goes beyond what the average car owner can do, using a combination of science, art, and elbow grease. Since we use special equipment, chemicals, and procedures to clean your vehicle, professional detailing is more efficient than what most people can do at home.

    The term "detailing" originated in paint & body repair shops-typically, one particular person specialized in car cleanup after collision repair and paintwork. He took care of all the little details-and thus became known as the "detailer". Nowadays, detailing takes place not only in body shops, but at dealerships, auto auctions, stand-alone detail shops, mobile detailing units, and of course, driveways across the country.

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  2. Why should I detail my car?

    For one thing, it saves you time. If you like to clean your own vehicle, you know how it can eat up a day if you really want to do it right. Second, detailing can turn an "eyesore" into "eye candy". Many people would like to get a new vehicle simply because the current one just isn't as handsome as it once was. A good detailing can help restore the showroom look and that new car smell.

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  3. How often should I detail my vehicle?

    The only guideline I can offer is how long the wax on the paint lasts, which is typically 2-3 months. The paint should at least be waxed at this interval. As for the rest of the car, it's up to you-how long can you tolerate that coffee stain on the floor, the french fries under the seats, and that dirt & grease in the doorjambs? In general, it's recommended that you detail your car at least a couple times a year-with smaller clean-up jobs, washing, and waxing more often than that. But for the most part, the best time to detail your car is whenever you feel that a good cleaning is necessary!

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  4. Why choose a mobile detailer?

    A mobile detailer, as opposed to a brick and mortar detail shop, can come right to your location to clean your car. You don't have to drop it off or bum a ride back to pick it up-all you have to do is hand us the keys. But if you'd rather, Water Spot Mobile Detailing can detail your car at our home base.

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  5. Why should I choose Water Spot Mobile Detailing?

    For several reasons! For starters, I've been working in the automotive industry for over 10 years. And for many years before that, I was tinkering with my own cars. For the last 5+ years, I have worked as a professional detailer, including 2 years as a detail shop manager for Delta Sonic, Inc., a large car wash & detailing chain in New York State and Illinois. I have an AAS Degree in Automotive Technology from SUNY Morrisville with a specialization in Paint & Bodywork, and I also did time as a shop manager for the Midas auto repair chain. I have classroom and hands-on training from Automotive International, Inc. in the areas of OEM Paint Technology, Paint Buffing & Polishing, OEM & Refinish Paint Troubleshooting, Interior Cleaning Problem Solving, Tire & Wheel Cleaning & Care, Safe Chemical Usage, and Customer Satisfaction. So be assured that your car, truck, van, SUV, RV, boat, or motorcycle is in good hands!

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  6. How does your mileage thing work? How far will you drive?

    Water Spot's current service area is all of Jefferson County, New York. Since mobile detailing comes to you, there is a minimum purchase requirement. For Water Spot to come to your location, there is a minimum purchase of $2 per mile driven, round trip. Example: If you live 20 miles away from the Water Spot home base in LaFargeville, NY, it will be a 40 mile round trip from me to you. Therefore, you must purchase a minimum of $80 in detailing services. Not bad, considering gas prices nowadays! (If this is confusing, just remember that you are not paying any extra fees for mileage-it's merely a price minimum needed to travel to your location.) If you prefer to bring your vehicle to Water Spot's home base in Lafargeville, the mileage minimum does not apply.

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  7. What about those prices of yours?

    Prices for detailing vary greatly. Some places do a detail for fifty bucks, some for three hundred bucks. It's just like they say-you get what you pay for! In general, the cheaper detailers invest less time, have less experience, and do not have all of the necessary equipment like the higher-priced operations do. Some people are satisfied with the level of quality and time spent on a $50 detail job, while some people feel that money is no object when it comes to detailing their pride and joy. The top-of-the-line detail jobs often have a level of detail that most car owners would never even notice. Water Spot finds the happy medium between the efficient detail jobs and the impeccable detail jobs, with middle-of-the-road prices. And, if you want some quickie detail work or a show-car quality job, Water Spot can adjust accordingly. Spending around a hundred bucks for 3-4 hours of reconditioning is pretty economical these days! Ask your plumber to spend that much time fixing your pipes with that much money and see how far you get. And remember, since a mobile detailer comes to your door, it can be more economical-and much easier-than traveling to a regular detail shop!

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  8. I have a motorcycle/RV/boat/limousine etc. How much would you charge to detail it?

    These are done on a case-by-case basis. It depends on the size of the vehicle and the level of detail you are looking for. Please ask for pricing on these.

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  9. Will you try sell me something my car doesn't need?

    No. Before opening my own detail business, I sold cars and hated it. Having left that dirty business behind and abandoning all the tricks I was taught, I've taken the high road and I treat each customer as if I was making recommendations to my own family. If I wouldn't do it to my own car, I wouldn't recommend it to you. There are still misleading tricks in detailing, like Teflon waxes (baloney!), lifetime paint sealants (BS!), bulletproof fabric protectant (garbage!) and undercoating (don't get me started!) If it sounds like trash, it probably is, and I'll be the one to tell you-just ask! And read on.

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  10. What about those nasty chemicals you detailers use?

    If used in moderation and with care, the chemicals used in detailing are no more harmful than the stuff used to clean your own home. A good detailer knows that chemicals are not a replacement for old-fashioned elbow grease. And if all else fails, a detailer is aware that exposing him/herself to harsh chemicals isn't healthy, so moderation is key! Whenever possible, Water Spot uses non-toxic cleaners, such as Simple Green.

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  11. I've been cleaning my own cars for years. How could you possibly do a better job?

    Let me say I'm always one to be modest. Having said that, I have detailed hundreds of cars and am quite confident you will be impressed with my services. And even if you have as much experience as a professional detailer, the cost of owning all of the equipment used by a pro is simply out of reach for most driveway detailers. A good detail shop or mobile detailing unit has thousands of dollars invested in equipment to provide a higher level of quality and a more efficient service. Most detailers have professional training that put them at a level far above the do-it-yourself driveway detailers-they attend the trade shows. They read the magazines. They take the classes. They practice on their own cars. They chat in the online detailing forums. So take no offense! You wouldn't try at-home dentistry or do-it-yourself proctology, would you? Leave it to the pros, like Water Spot Mobile Detailing!

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  12. I'm thinking of selling my car. Why bother detailing it?

    A detailed car is more than just good-looking-it also increases its value. A detailed car will sell for more money, and will sell faster, than if it is left unkempt and dirty. Consider it this way-the best filet mignon in the world would be unappetizing if served on a dirty plate. If you consider your car to be a great used car buy, why not present it as such to a potential buyer? Serve it up right with a good detailing!

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  13. I lease my vehicle. Should I bother doing the leasing company a favor by detailing it?

    Yes! Actually, it's a favor for you. Remember, when it's time to turn in your vehicle, there are fees for excessive wear, tear, scratches, and un-cleanliness. You can rest easy and nip those fees in the bud by showing up at the dealer or leasing company with a spotless and well-maintained lease turn-in. And don't just wait until the day before turn-in day-keeping it clean is a continual process from the moment you drive your leased vehicle off the lot. It's just like a trip to the dentist-brushing your teeth once before going doesn't erase years of neglect!

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Minimum purchase of $2 / mile driven round trip; please inquire for mileage distance from your location. Small / Medium / Large / X-Large pricing applies to vehicle size; please inquire as to which size your vehicle fits. Boat, RV, & Motorcycle pricing done by estimate only.