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We hate it too. Increased gas costs are reflected in our prices. For the latest prices on services described below, email ben@waterspotdetail.com and request the current price sheet.

* Vehicle pricing conforms to vehicle sizes. If you're unsure what size your vehicle is, email ben@waterspotdetail.com.

Compact: (Honda Civic, Hyundai Elantra, Ford Focus, etc.)
(typically 4-5 hours labor)

Midsize/Small SUV/Small Truck: (Ford Taurus, Honda Accord, Chevy Malibu, etc.)
- compact standard & extended cab pickups
(Ford Ranger, Chevy Colorado, Toyota Tacoma, etc.)
- small SUVs (Ford Escape, Buick Rendezvous, Toyota RAV4, etc.)
- and standard cab full size pickups
(typically 5-6 hours labor)

Full Size/SUV/Truck: (Ford Crown Victoria, Buick LeSabre, Cadillacs, etc.)
- medium SUVs (Ford Explorer, Chevy Trailblazer, Dodge Durango, etc.)
- 4-door compact pickups
- and extended cab full size pickups
(typically 6-7 hours labor)

X-Large: large SUVs (Ford Expedition, Chevy Suburban, etc.)
- vans (Dodge Caravan, Honda Odyssey, full size vans, etc.)
- 4-door full size pickups
(typically 7-8 hours labor)

* Time estimates apply to Top Dog package

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Top Dog Detail $99.99/115.99/135.99/149.99
Hand Wash - Wax - Power wash door jambs, wheels & wheel wells - Vacuum interior & trunk - Shampoo carpets & fabric seats - Clean & dress all plastic, rubber & vinyl - Clean & condition leather seats - Spot clean headliner - Clean all glass & apply Rain-X - Blow out all cracks & crevices - Lube locks & door hinges - Remove tar & grease from exterior - Dress all moldings, wheelwells, bumpers & tires - Degrease & dress engine (optional) Best Value! Best Package!
Upgrade wax to sealant $9.99 (Any vehicle)
Add fabric protector $14.99 (Any vehicle)

Lucky Dog Detail $49.99/63.99/75.99/89.99
Hand Wash - Vacuum interior & trunk - Wipe down all plastic, rubber & vinyl - Clean all glass - Blow out all cracks & crevices - Dress tires - Chamois dry

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Hand Wash: $19.99/24.99/29.99/35.99
pH-balanced automotive soap - Ultra-soft wash mitt & brush - Removes tar & grease from exterior - Cleans rims & tires - Tire dressing - Chamois dry

Carpet Shampoo: $19.99/24.99/29.99/35.99
Uses non-toxic Simple Green cleaner - Leaves carpets looking & smelling new
Add seats for $9.99/12.99/15.99/19.99
Add fabric protector for $14.99 (Any vehicle)

Leather Conditioning: $19.99/24.99/29.99/35.99
Uses Lexol cleaner & conditioner - Cleans and conditions leather - pH-balanced & glycerine rich formula - Preserves, softens, and prevents cracking

Hand Wash & Wax: $35.99/42.99/49.99/54.99
Hand wash, plus - Meguiar's Carnauba & Polymer blend - Hand-applied w/ orbital polisher - Three-month wax protection
Upgrade wax to sealant $9.99 (Any vehicle)

Vinyl Protectant: $24.99/29.99/35.99/42.99
Uses Vinylex protectant - Cleans / Shines / Protects - Contains DH-60 UV Sunscreen - Protects from cracking & fading - Blows out cracks & crevices

Rain-X: $5.99 (Any vehicle)
Keeps windows cleaner longer - Repels rain, bugs, mud, snow

Engine Degreasing: $19.99 (for all engines)
Uses non-toxic Simple Green Degreaser - Uses Vinylex Protectant - Silicone-free, safe for all rubber & plastics - Entire engine compartment looks like new

Buffing: $35.00/hour
Uses 3M Perfect-It Refinishing Products - Please ask for estimate

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Per estimate services include:

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Prices subject to change without notice. Current prices may not be reflected here. If you're unsure that you have the latest pricing info, please call or email.
All prices subject to NYS Sales Tax, currently 7.75%.
Minimum purchase of $2 / mile driven round trip; please inquire for mileage distance from your location. Small / Medium / Large / X-Large pricing applies to vehicle size; please inquire as to which size your vehicle fits. Boat, RV, & Motorcycle pricing done by estimate only.